Artistic director – Nikolay Azarov.
Chief choirmaister - Andrey Azovskiy.

"Russian song is a morality of people, his face, his story. The country will rise spiritually and revive only when heard again in all its glory, the power and the rich diversity of their native songs " /Nikolai Kutuzov, the founder of the Choir of the Russian songs/.

The Choir of the Russian songs was created in 1945, and over 60 years the undisputed leader was composer, professor Nikolai Kutuzov.

The choir continues to develop the performing style, the unique style of sound, which was originally founded. This "sound palette" combines the brightness of folk sound and classical jewelry vocal technique that significantly extends the performance capabilities of the collective and gives emotions to songs and musical compositions.

In programs of the choir traditional folklore is combined with the synthesis of genres, the variety of artistic techniques appeal to the contemporary music and even folk-rock, that allows to present this kind of art form to the modern listener, living in a crazy rhythm of the information society of the XXI century.

The structure of the collective is traditional. It includes choir, orchestra and the dancing groups. During the concerts they are in a constant movement, evolution, interaction, making the performances bright and vivid, and their multicolored costumes powerfully strengthen the impression. They pass under unceasing applause of spectators.

Many of the songs in the repertoire of the choir are made with the dance, translated into the genre vibrant concert of vocal and choral scenes (Staging - Lyudmila Baykova and Michael Zobnin). In these scenes is perfectly shown very technical and emotionally charged dance group of choir. Beautifully executed tricks are always appreciated perceived audience.

Equally vivid and original concert performances of folk instruments ensemble choir - "Finist-Balalaika" (director - Igor Oblikin) and "Valdai" (leader - Andrei Shelyganov).

The Choir of the Russian songs with success continues today to fulfill their spiritual, cultural and educational mission - to popularize the Russian folk art in Russia and abroad.